Belize founders Valeska Duetsch and Fiona Bansal met in the design studio of Stella McCartney and have brought to their label years of experience from Stella, Chloe, and Net-a-Porter.

Referencing heritage clothes from around the world, the pieces feature original print and embroidery designs, and rely on the very best Italian crepes, silks and wools to create the silhouettes. Closely working with Italian print makers on Indian inspired motifs, and Indian artisans on European stitch work creates a rich mix of craft and modernity giving rise to a new cross global modern tradition.

Belize is a London based company with a Berlin studio enabling the influence of the different cultures. Duetsch and Bansal are both city dwellers with country roots and a desire to travel the world comfortably and elegantly. This is a core principal of the collection giving materiality and form a central role in the development of each piece.

This modular and harmonious collection draws from their everyday experience and seeks to promote the precious in a non-precious way. To be able to wear Belize pieces from the city to the seas, one wardrobe for everywhere.