Doruntina Azemi

Founder and Creative Director Doruntina Azemi is of Albanian origin. She was born and raised in Switzerland. Her great passion for art and film led her to leave her home and school at the age of 17 to move to London, where she studied at the London College of Fashion. In 2013, after five years in London she returned to Switzerland to start working on her label. Coming from a multicultural background, Doruntina’s designs are influenced by her interest and appreciation for traditional Illyrian costume. The rich decorations in the form of embroidery, hand stitching and pattern making techniques are, and will follow to be, an important part of her work. Where Illyrian romance and elegance would shape her sensitive-feminine side, the time and experience in London led her into the world of men’s traditional tailoring.
The making of bespoke suits in her atelier has become a feature of the house. The skill, accuracy, sense of humour and playfulness in which the pieces are made truly reflect the character of the label.