Patria is a new and uniquely British luxury menswear company. Founded by military veterans to support the main Armed Forces Charities, every Patria garment 100% British made.

We use crowdsourcing to offer bespoke luxury at consistently low prices.

Patria and the Armed Forces Community

We want to give back to those who have given so much for us. Founded by and staffed by veterans, 10% of Patria’s profits are dedicated to the main British armed forces charities.

Crowdsourced Value, Lowest Impact

We design luxury menswear pieces for you to back. When we gather enough orders, we make a bespoke run. There is no waste, no stock and no warehousing and we pass these all these savings on. All we ask is a little patience; you’ll need to wait a few weeks for us to make your piece.

This has the added benefit of having the lowest possible environmental impact.

Uncompromising British Quality and Service

Patria has partnered world leading British artisans who have over 300 years of experience in their sectors to make each sweater, scarf or shoe.

We were established to delight our customers, so you can call us or mail us, and we will deal with your request quickly and efficiently.